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In the listing below you will find Falcons For Sale
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FALCON(s) For Sale
 Aircraft Pic Year MFR/DLV /Make/ModelSerial #Reg #Total HoursPrice
1982/1982 FALCON 50 
ACASS Canada, Ltd.
6700 Cote de Liesse, Suite 206
Montreal QC Canada
Call : 514-636-1099
Fax : 514-636-9881
50-65 F-GPPF 11807 Make Offer 
1985/1985 FALCON 50 
Duncan Aviation, Inc.
P.O. Box 81887 Lincoln Airport
Lincoln NE United States
Call : 402-475-2611
Fax : 402-479-1521
Toll Free : 800-228-4277
50-145 N50KD 9225 Make Offer 
1985/1985 FALCON 50 
AMJET Aviation Company
4360 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, Suite 220
Atlanta GA United States
Call : 770-458-9600
Toll Free : 800-950-8882
50-154 N117AJ 9053 Make Offer 
1985/1985 FALCON 50 
900 Bestgate Road, Suite 412
Annapolis MD United States
Call : 410-573-1515
Fax : 410-573-1919
50-158 N54YP 10865 Make Offer 
1988/1988 FALCON 50 
Central Business Jets, Inc.
1601 Highway 13 East, Suite 206
Burnsville MN United States
Call : 952-894-8559
Fax : 952-894-8569
50-177 XA-TAB 5484 Make Offer 
More Information about the FALCON 50 Aircraft
The Falcon 50 is an intercontinental version of the Falcon 20 series. The 50 is unique in that it utilizes three Garrett fan engines. The three-engine configuration is needed to lift the 50's extra weight, while also offering an added margin of safety during extended overwater flights. The outside dimensions of the 50 are larger then the 20 because of the additional engine, yet the interior dimensions are the same. Most Falcon 50's were equipped with the optional Garrett APU. This aircraft can be RVSM certified when service bulletin SB-246 is complied with. An AlliedSignal TFE-731 engine retrofit provides increased performance and reliability. FALCON 50

Manufacturer : Dassault Aviation
Years Built : 1980 - 1995
Serial # Range : 501 - 50252
Weight Class/Type : Heavy - Jet
Engines : TFE731-3-1C, TFE731-3-1D, TFE731-3D-1C, TFE731-4-1C, TFE731-40
Number Of : 3TBO : 4,200HSI : 1,400
Shaft : 0Thrust : 3,704
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Aviation Partners Gets ANAC Falcon 50 Winglet Approval
Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) will this week start installing the first set of its high-Mach blended winglets on a Brazilian-registered Dassault Falco...

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Mid-Canada Mod Center Receives Approval for the Installation of Universal Avionics UniLink CMU On a Falcon 50EX with FANS...

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Out with the old and in with a new Falcon 7X
Empire Aviation Group replaces one of its Dassault Falcon 7Xs with a new one....

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Boutsen goes for the long-range extra mile
Boutsen Aviation sells second pre-owned Dassault Falcon 7X....

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Falcon 8X Raises Bar for Range and Cabin
Dassault continues to expand the Falcon series, launching the new ultra-long-range 8X at the EBACE show on May 19 just seven months after unveiling th...

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Dassault Takes Wraps Off Ultra-long-range Falcon 8X
Today at EBACE 2014, Dassault took the wraps off the Falcon 8X a 7X derivative with a 3.6-foot-longer fuselage (at 42.6 feet) and 500 nm more range (a...

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Dassault Aviation today launched the Falcon 8X, the newest addition to the Falcon family in the ultra long range category....

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Dassault Tweaking Falcon 7X Fuel System, Mx Schedule
Dassault is planning to roll out several improvements for the Falcon 7X this year, both as retrofit and for new-production aircraft. One of these upgr...

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Dassault Falcon 7X Sets Speed Record Between Teterboro and London City Airports
The Dassault Falcon 7X set a new transatlantic speed record on May 2, flying the 3,465-nm trip between Teterboro, N.J., and London City Airport in 5 h...

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